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Boarding School Choice

Boarding schools provide choice and opportunity.

Historically, independent boarding schools for the most part served two groups—superior students attracted to the perceived advantages available at independent schools and students whose behavior and poor choices signaled a need for more supervision and control. Today’s independent schools serve students of every ability and background. Most importantly, independent schools provide valuable alternatives to public schools because they are equipped with the resources necessary to create special learning opportunities for students.

From a parent…

We thought our search of schools on the Internet was going to be enough. Then we met with you… The questions you asked us, your knowledge of the different schools and programs, and your kind and caring persona all led us to a different (and more on-target) frame of mind about what was best. Our son is at the right school, and it was one that never came up on any of our Internet searches

Boarding schools offer a total educational environment. The teachers, advisors, and other adults at independent schools are committed to helping adolescents develop intellectually, socially, ethically, and even artistically and athletically. Independent schools offer stable, secure, and caring surroundings with knowledgeable instructors who are there because they enjoy young people and want to share their love and mastery of the subjects they teach.

Some schools focus on the academically or artistically gifted student and offer courses in math, science, literature, fine art, drama, or music that may be on the university level. Some schools include special programs for students with learning differences while others combine therapeutic elements with their academic curricula. Although the number and range of schools ensure that there is a program for every child, the sheer quantity and diversity of independent schools may make it difficult for families to select the best option for their student and situation.

The key to a successful boarding school experience is matching the school and the student.
Dr. Antonoff has visited dozens of schools and is familiar with campus environments, social settings, and academic curricula as well as the application and interview processes. He combines this knowledge and experience with comprehensive and sensitive interviewing of the student and family in order to arrive at educational choices that best fit the student.


Boarding School Consultation

What is it? Boarding School Consultation informs students and families about the range of independent school options and guides them to appropriate choices. The consultation is done on a comprehensive package basis in which the family pays a flat fee that covers the many steps involved in the process.

Who is it for? Boarding School Consultation is for students and families who—for whatever reason—are not being adequately served by their local public or private schools. The student and the family are both committed to the student attending a boarding school in order to find an educational environment that can give the student access to more opportunities, resources, and stimulation.

What issues are addressed? Although the consultation may vary according to the individual needs of the student and family, the following are basic elements:

  • conversation with the student and parents about educational needs and goals
  • review of educational background, transcripts, test scores, psychological data, and other materials pertinent to education planning
  • discussion of student abilities and interests
  • identification of factors pertinent to both student and family in selecting an independent school
  • identification of appropriate education options
  • guidelines for such matters as school visits and the application and interviewing processes
  • assistance in making a final choice among school options

From a parent…

My husband and I are very grateful for the time you spent with us discussing boarding schools. Because of that discussion, our son is focusing on X School and accomplishing his studies. Previously he was focused on how to avoid being successful, but his attitude changed as a result of our consultation with you.

Thank you for your sage advice.