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The College Finder
Choosing the School That’s Right for You!

Fourth Edition!

In the fourth edition of The College Finder, Dr. Steven R. Antonoff has compiled nearly 700 lists that will help students zero in on the colleges where they will get-in and fit-in. In Dr. Antonoff’s word’s, “The primary goal of The College Finder is to expand the pool of schools that students consider, extend the possibilities they envision, and magnify their sense of power as they research colleges.”

College guides tend to be thick compendiums offering “snapshots” of hundreds of schools. Much of this information is available on individual college websites, and little of it will help a student differentiate among the thousands of choices out there.

The College Finder is in a class by itself. Essentially, it is a book of lists. The Fourth Edition features lists of schools organized by these topics: About Me, Academics, Student Life, Athletics, Costs, Admission, Expert Opinions, Tidbits and Trivia, and Resources. Want to find out which schools charge no tuition, combine undergraduate degrees with a medical degree, offer toy design, are committed to the environment, love their football teams, seek diversity in their student body, or have unusually accessible teachers? Just check out The College Finder!

To order The College Finder, visit the publisher’s website at Wintergreen Orchard House.