JoAllan Gehde’s Overview of Service Options

Comprehensive and hourly packages are available and tailored to the student’s needs. Services may include:
  • Review of high school transcript, standardized test scores, and extracurricular involvement
  • Strategic planning of courses, extracurriculars, enrichment activities, and summer programs
  • Administration of career assessment and/or personality inventory
  • Exploration of potential majors and career paths
  • Support for planning campus visits
  • Assistance with resume creation
  • Testing recommendations and planning (SAT, ACT, AP, IB). Referral to resources for test preparation and /or academic tutoring
  • Interview of both student and parent(s) to determine college preferences, priorities, and parameters
  • Consideration and exploration of alternative post-secondary paths such as gap years, workforce, trade and service programs, if applicable
  • Development of a balanced, personalized list of colleges
  • Navigation of timelines for admission and strategies for application submission (Early Decision/Early Action/Regular Decision)
  • Access to a private portal that provides numerous tools to assist with the research of colleges and organization of application materials
  • Financial aid (FAFSA and CSS Profile) support
  • Guidance of brainstorming, organization, and revision of Personal Statement and supplemental essays
  • Support in creating and polishing activities list
  • Review of college applications
  • Guidance on evaluating offers of admission and financial aid packages/scholarships, if applicable
  • Assistance with transition to college

Service Options


Comprehensive Package

Includes up to 35 hours of services tailored to the student’s needs.

10 Hour Targeted Package

Includes 10 hours of services tailored to the student’s needs.



Designed for more specific needs only such as essay review, list building, resume creation, application review, etc.

Letters to Clients

Dear Parent,

The journey of college planning is an incredible opportunity for your child to embark on a path of self-discovery and growth. I am here to facilitate this transformative process by guiding your child through reflection, exploration, and the cultivation of independence. Together, we will delve into their interests, aspirations, and values, exploring various possibilities for their future while encouraging them to consider how they can positively contribute to their communities along the way.

My role as your child’s college consultant is not only to provide expert guidance but also to alleviate the stress and streamline the college admissions process for your family. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in college admissions, I am equipped to offer invaluable advice on every aspect of the journey. Whether it’s identifying colleges that align with your child’s goals, navigating financial aid options, or crafting compelling essays, I am committed to ensuring that you receive top-tier support every step of the way.

Thank you for entrusting me with this important milestone in your child’s life. Together, we will pave the way for their future success and fulfillment.


Dear Student,

Your journey through high school is not just about grades and test scores—it’s about discovering who you are and envisioning your future beyond these academic metrics. As your guide in the college planning process, I am committed to truly understanding your aspirations, interests, and dreams. You deserve to have a multitude of options for your life after high school, and my role is to empower you to explore these choices with confidence and clarity.

I promise to see you as the multifaceted individuals you are, beyond the confines of a GPA or standardized test result. Together, we will highlight your unique strengths and experiences, crafting applications and resumes that authentically reflect your best self. You are capable of making a meaningful impact on the world, and I am here to champion your journey every step of the way.

I am eager to embark on this journey alongside you, to listen, support, and guide you towards realizing your goals and aspirations.

Let’s make great things happen together!