Welcome to schoolbuff.com, a website for students (and parents) who would like to tackle college planning calmly, strategically, and systematically. I consider myself a school buff, i.e., an individual who is interested in and knowledgeable about colleges. This site reflects the philosophy and priorities I have formed over many years as a consultant, writer, and trainer.

I have three goals in my practice. They are as follows . . .


students to discover colleges that are a match for them, in the sense of both getting in and fitting in


to guide students, parents, and counselors past the fallacy of the “dream school”


gain the self-knowledge needed to undertake a more realistic and ultimately more rewarding approach to college search and admission

The philosophy of practice, resources, worksheets/self-assessments, and other information you find here reflect my consultation work with my clients. I hope they spark new ideas and considerations for you and your family. ~ Steven R. Antonoff, Ph.D., CEP